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1. As it was a formal dinner party, I wore formal dress, as mother told me to.

2. His girlfriend advised him to get out of/ get rid of his bad habit of smoking before it took hold.

3. Anticipating that the demand for electricity will be high during the next few months, they have decided to increase its production.

4. It is said that Bill has been fired for continually violating the company's safety rules./ Bill is said to be fired for continually violating the company's safety rules.

5. It is reported that the government has taken proper measures to avoid the possibility of a severe water shortage./ The local government is reported to have taken proper measures to avoid the possibility of a severe water shortage.

Unit 2

1. Half an hour had gone by, but the last bus hadn't come yet. We had to walk home.

2. Mary looks as if she is very worried about the Chinese exam because she hasn't learned the texts by heart.

3. Since the basketball match has been postponed, we might as well visit the museum.

4. He stayed in Australia with his parents all the way through World War II.

5. Since I graduated from Nanjing University in 1985, I have kind of lost touch with my classmates.

Unit 3

1. As is predicted by scientists, global pollution has become one of the most serious problems humans are faced with.

2. Competition for these jobs is very tough-we have five times as many applicants this year as we did last year/ there are five times as many applicants this year as there were last year.

3. As the facts show, educational programs need to fit into the national plan for economic development.

4. The car burns too much gas, and moreover, the price is almost twice as much as I intend to pay.

5. To understand a great international event, we, first of all, need to consider the historical and political background to it.

Unit 4

1. It is reported that the UN mediators have worked out a plan which they hope will be acceptable to both sides.

2. Doris walked in the forest cautiously, afraid of being attacked by giant snakes.

3. Earthquakes, typhoons and other natural disasters cannot be prevented, but action can be taken to protect life and property.

4. I bought a new issue of my favorite sports magazine and hurried home, anxious to amuse myself reading it.

5. Helen lacks confidence, I have never known anyone so unsure of herself.

Unit 5

1. I am not sure where you can find a good carpenter--you'd better ask around.

2. Feeling a little embarrassed, he quickly cleared his throat and looked up at the painting on the wall.

3. Michael was survived by three sons, two daughters, and his wife Elizabeth.

4. As a financial expert, William advised us to invest our money in the stock market.

5. We small retailers can not compete with supermarkets in pricing and sales.

1. Before I went off to university, my grandfather gave me a few words of wisdom which impressed me deeply.

2. Never tell my parents about my injuries and I will be very grateful to you for it.

3. At the meeting some of our colleagues put forward sensible suggestions about improving our working environment.

4. The management has/ have agreed to grant the workers a 10% pay rise in response to union pressure.

5. It was very thoughtful of the hostess to give the house a thorough cleaning before we arrived. Unit 7

1. A local business undertook the project but went bankrupt before it was completed.

2. Let's make a deal--you wash my car, and I'll let you use it tonight.

3. We got to village which we thought must have been wiped out in the severe earthquake, only to find it slightly damaged.

4. My garden is dry and shady--few plants thrive in that condition.

5. Mystery still surrounds the exact truth behind the film star's death/ exact circumstances of the film star's death.

Unit 8

1. Without one's personal file, an applicant can hardly expect to be/get employed as a teacher.

2. With enough ice, we would be able to chill the drinks.

3. In my humble opinion, reading is the most pleasant way to spend one's leisure.

4. Some people said it was a miracle that the American athlete Michael Phelps won eight gold medals at the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games.

5. The washing machine has poken down, so we have to wash our clothes by hand.

篇二:英语高级翻译学生材料讲义 (1)

英语高级翻译学生材料 汉译英


















1、主 谓

2、主 谓宾

3、主 谓宾 宾

4、主 谓宾 宾补

5、主 系表

6、There be











不一会儿, 北风小了。路上浮尘早已刮尽,剩下一条洁白的大道来,车夫也跑得更快。


如: 实现四个现代化,这是我们今后相当长的时间的中心工作。








B、利用英语中大量含有使…怎么样的动词。 如:





指无关联词语的复活句。先分析找出其中暗含的各种语义关系,然后选择相应的关联词语或其他手段,来体现句子的深层含义。 如:桂林山水甲天下,阳朔山水甲桂林。



分, 这时, 要把含主要信息的句子翻译成一个完整的句子,而次要信息作为伴随的状况或原因。









惭愧不是羞愧,不能用ashamed, 而要翻译为ill at ease
















Eg1Upon graduation, we have to find a

job for making living.

Stylistic writing:

Eg2 When autumn falls its last leaf, Subi

has to find a place for the long and chilling winter.







II. Translation

1. Though greatly affected by the consequences of the global financial crisis, we are still

confident that we can face up to the challenge and overcome the crisis.

2. Under threat of constant sand storms, we were compelled to leave our cherished village and

move to the new settlement.

3. According to a recent online survey, a lot of consumers say they may be motivated to

consider buying products shown in TV commercials.

4. Having spotted a truck driver dumping contaminated waste alongside the river, the old man

reported to the police at once.

5. Some scientists hold to the firm conviction that people will come to like genetically modified crops someday since they can increase yields and help combat hunger and disease in the developing


Shortly after he achieved freedom Henson became intent on assisting fugitive slaves. He secretly returned to the United States from Canada several times to help others to travel the Underground Railroad to freedom. Once some slave catchers closed in on the escaping slaves and Henson when they were on the run. He disguised them and successfully avoided capture. Later he built a small settlement in Dresden in Canada for escaped slaves, setting up a chapel and a school. He held to the conviction that slavery would be abolished, and the day was bound to come when racial discrimination no

longer existed.



1.1) The Internet is changing the way people live, (no matter) whether they are in urban or rural areas.

2)Medium-sized and small companies are more vulnerable to the threat of the global economic crisis

than large ones.

3) With regard to our term paper, the professor asked us to analyze the unemployment chart first, and

then provide critical reflections on the nations economic development.

4)It never occurred to him that their team would win the basketball match by a large margin.

5) Looking back on my twenty years' teaching in high school, I attribute my success to patience, talent,

and the constant pursuit of knowledge.

2. It is almost impossible to keep a determined burglar out. All you can do is discourage him for a few minutes. Thus exposing him to police patrols. Common sense tells us that lighting is a barrier to criminal activity. A light should be fixed in the doorway and switched on at night. Make sure/Assure yourself that you don't leave the door on the latch if you happen to be the last to come in. If you decide to buy a sophisticated electronic alarm system, be sure to ask for its signs and put them up on both windows and

doors. In addition you may have it hooked up to a police station.



1.1) The volunteers sent/assigned by the Red Cross disinfected, with great caution, the drinking water in

the village so as to avoid an outpeak of plague.

2)Einstein spent many years trying to unify the theories of electromagnetism and gravity but failed.

3)Professor Wang received/won the Presidential Award for his excellence in stimulating students'

creative imagination.

4) As there were some major design flaws, the board of directors didn't approve of the economic stimulus


5) Having realized that nobody could help him, Jordan finally came to the conclusion that he had to face

reality and take up/meet the challenge by himself.

2. What was remarkable about 2005 was perhaps that the UN declared it "The World Year of Physics". It was the 100th anniversary of Einstein's theory of relativity and the 50th anniversary of his death. In 1905 Einstein published five highly important essays in the history of science, thus revolutionizing physics. His great achievements can be credited to his impressive powers of imagination, constant questioning, and not giving a fig for authority. It is beyond doubt that Einstein was the greatest scientist in the 20th century Unit5


1. 1) Grandma took it for granted that food prices would soar, so she bought a lot of rice.

2) I can quote you several instances of her dedication to science.

3) The 1980s saw the start of the swift development of some special economic zones in China.

4) Tension between the two countries stemmed in part from the latest spy affair.

5) Peter has worked in a law firm for many years. You can consider having him as your lawyer to act on

your behalf when you need legal help.


Amid the atmosphere of Thanksgiving, rather than joining his friends in celepation of the holiday, George was immersed in the diary left to him by his father, who died at sea after he completed two successive trips around the world. The diary pought back every moment George had spent with his father and many of the specific things his father did on his behalf. George's father used to impress on him the need to undergo all kinds of hardship in quest of excellence. He also taught him that nothing in the world could be taken for granted. Even today, George still remembers how his father would quote Aesop's famous saying "Gratitude is the sign of noble souls" and tell him to accord the greatest importance to it.



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