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1. Q_______ is more important than quantity.

2. After 4 years’ university study, he ______ his study for a bachelor’s degree.

3. She is not only beautiful, but also well e________.

4. She did a very good job and got a r_______ from the company.

5. I hated being treated with v________. 6. The c_______ of life put an end to his life.

7. In our country people of or over 18 have the right to v________.

8. The event has put him into an embarrassing p___________.

9. Boys are usually not a_________ in English class. 10. He poke the law and was put in p________. 二)短语翻译(每空一词)。


On the very first day of school, our teacher __________ us ___________ English learning.

2. 大多数下岗的人员都是文化不高的人。

Most of the people who ___ ____ ___ _____ usually have little education.

3. 别灰心, 你会成功的。

Don’t _____ _____. You will succeed. 4. 相信自己,别相信他的鬼话。

______ ______ yourself. Don’t ___________ him. 5. 大学尚未毕业,他就创办了自己的公司。

He _____ ______ his own company before graduating from college.

6. 他从不为考试担心。

He ______never ______ ______ _______ examination. 7. 只有通过努力拼搏, 才能实现自己的梦想。

Only by working hard _____ you _________ your dream. 8. 我们决不能嘲笑那些陷入困境的人,相反,我们应该帮助他们。

We should never laugh at those ______ ________. On the contrary, we should try our best to help them. 9. 他上台后就推出了一系列的改革方案。

After ______ ______ _________, he carried out a series of reform.

10. 他乐于助人。

He ______ ______ _____ ______ others. 三)单项选择

1. _____ out for the game. Some girls stay in the classroom, talking.

A. Not all the students go B. All the students not go

C. Both the students don’t goD. All the students go 2. You can’t pass the coming examination if you ______.A. lose your heart B. lose heart C. lose hearts D. lose your hearts

3. You can’t _____ until tomorrow morning after the blood examination.

A. not only eat but also drinkB. either eat or drinkC. neither eat nor drink D. both eat and drink 4. If my pother is allowed to go out, ______.

A. so I should B. so am I C. so should I D. so I am

5. He ______ prison two years ago and now he _______. A. was put in; was set free B. was shut into, is set freeC. put into, has been set freelyD. was put into; has been set free

6. Only at that time ______ that he had made a lot of mistakes in his homework.

A. he realized B. did he realize C. he did realized D. realized he

7. This is the plane _______ he went to Shanghai ______ business.

A. where, for aB. by which, on theC. on which, onD. where, on

8. —I can ’t see the words on the blackboard clearly. —Why, your eyes need _____ .Perhaps you need _______ glasses.

A. to examined, to wear B. to examine ,to wearC. to be examined, to wearD. examining, wearing 9. Instead, he seemed to see Tom ’s face, with the wide smile he ______ whenever he told a joke.

A. woreB. pought C. appearedD. carried 10. This is ______ that dog.

A. as a big dog asB. as big a dog as C. a as big dog asD. a big as dog as

11. A new school was ______ in the village last year.

A. held upB. set up C. sent upD. pought up 12. The number of the students in our school _____ large.A. areB. Is C. amD. be

13. The road to the mountains _____ by the snow for almost a month.

A. has been cut off B. have been cut off C. has been cut down D. have been cut down

14. According to the time table , the train for Beijing______ at seven o’clock in the evening .

A. leavesB. has left C. was leftD. will leave 15. We were all waiting for you. You _____for the seaside by yourself without leaving a message. A. mustn’t leave B. shouldn’t have left C. could not have leftD. needn’t leave

必修I---unit 5练习参考答案 (一)

1. Quality2. continued3. educated4. reward5. violence 6. cruelty

7. vote 8. position9. active10. prison (二)

1. advised; on2. are out of work3. lose heart 4. Believe in; believe

5. set up 6. has; been worried about 7. can; realize8. in trouble

9. coming to power 10. is willing to help (三) ABBBD BCCAB BBAAB



学校卧龙寺中学命题人王凤萍 常国庆 (考试时间:90分钟,卷面满分为150分)



1、You may depend on______ that tour friends will help you whenever you need it. A them B yourselfC it D me

2、They were walking along the shore______ a huge wave appeared out of nowhere, sweep them out to sea.

A while B as C when D since

3、You won’t make much progress______ you work hard. A be cause B unless C when D while

4、It makes______ whether Mr. .Smith joins in our discussion or not. A no sense B no difference C no point D no use 5、This plan will be prevented______.

A carrying out B from carrying out C being carried out D from being carried out

6、_What happened to him?

-He ______by a snake when he went through the forest.

A gets bitten B got bitten C is bitten D was being bitten 7、These volunteers of 2008 Beijing Olympic Games on______.

A what to give first aid B how to aidC how to give first aid D what to offer first aid

8、I like _____ color of your skirt. It is _____ good match for your blouse.A. a; the B. a; aC. the; a D. the; the 9、The present situation there is more serious than______.

A expected B expectation C expect D has been expected 10、-Have you got au the lights______ yet?

-Yes, everything is ready for the party.

A in place B in place ofC out of placeD in places

11、I’ll probably get lost ______I haven’t got a wary good of direction. A ability B senseC meaningD way

12、 I have little doubt______ the plan will succeed. A that B if C whether D because

13、-Can you give me some advice on how to improve my English?

-sure In my opinion, the only way to improve your English is to practice speaking_______.

Which of the following is wrong?

A over and over again B repeatedly C over and overD over again 14. ---Tony said he could fix my bicycle, but I really doubt it. ---______. He's very good at this sort of thing.

A. Don't worryB. I couldn't agree more C. Of course D. A piece of cake

15. It _____ we had stayed together for a couple of weeks ____ I found we had a lot in common.

A. was until; whenB. was until; that C. wasn’t until; when D. wasn’t until; that


When I was growing up, I had an old neighbor named Dr. Gibbs. He never16at us for playing in his yard. I remember him as someone a lot17 than anyone else.

When Dr. Gibbs wasn’t saving 18, he was planting trees. He had some interesting 19 concerning plant husbandry (耕作). He 20 watered his new trees. Once I asked why. He said that watering plants 21 them, and that if you water them, each successive tree 22 will grow weaker and weaker. So you have to make things 23 for them and weed out the weak trees early on.

He told me that 24 trees made roots shallow, and that,if trees weren’t watered they had to grow 25 roots in search of moisture (水分).

Dr. Gibbs passed away a couple of years after I left home. 26, I walked by his house and looked at the trees that I’d 27 him plant some twenty-five years ago. They’re growing strong now. Hardship and deprivation (剥夺) seemed to 28 them in ways comfort and ease never could.

Every night before I go to bed, I check on my two sons. I stand 29 them and watch their little bodies. I often 30 for them. Mostly I pray that their lives will be easy. But lately I’ve been thinking that it’s time to 31 my prayer. Because life is tough, whether we want it to be or not. Too many times we pray for 32 but that’s a prayer seldom 33. What we need to do is pray for roots that 34 deep into the earth, so when the rains fall and the winds blow, we won’t be 35 away.

16. A. yelled B. glanced C. laughed D. waved 17. A. funnierB. colderC. nicerD. richer

18. A. energyB. lives C. moneyD. time

19. A. designsB. theoriesC. lessons D. behaviors 20. A. alwaysB. often C. seldom D. never 21. A. protected B. flooded C. spoiled D. cooled 22. A. generation B. panchC. familyD. stem

23. A. easyB. roughC. comfortable D. good 24. A. cuttingB. fertilizingC. planting D. watering 25. A. strongB. healthyC. deepD. thick 26. A. Again B. ThereforeC. However D. Constantly 27. A. foundB. madeC. watched D. heard 28. A. damageB. strengthen C. correct D. benefit 29. A. for B. above C. overD. by 30. A. prayB. suffer C. cookD. think 31. A. reflectB. stop C. improve D. change 32. A. peaceB. ease C. luckD. happiness 33. A. metB. occurred C. aroseD. echoed 34. A. arrive B. grow C. reachD. distribute 35. A. put B. thrown C. wentD. swept



The Peales were a famous family of American artists. Charles Willson Peale is best remembered for his portraits of leading figures of the American Revolution. He painted portraits of Franklin and Jefferson and over a dozen of George Washington. His life-size portrait of his sons Raphaelle and Titian was so realistic that George Washington reportedly once tipped his hat to the figures in the picture.

Charles Willson Peale gave up painting in his middle age and devoted his life to the Peale museum, which he founded in Philadelphia. The world’s first popular museum of art and natural science mainly covered paintings by Peale and his family as well as displays of animals in their natural settings. Peale found the animals himself and found a method to make the exhibits more lifelike. The museum’s most popular display was the skeleton (骷髅) of a huge, extinct elephant, which Peale unearthed on a New York farm in 1801.

Three of Peale’s seventeen children were also famous artists. Paphaelle Peale often painted still lives of flowers, fruit, and cheese. His pother Rempandt

studied under his father and painted portraits of many noted people, including one of George Washington. Another pother, Rubens Peale, painted mostly landscapes and portraits.

James Peale, the pother of Charles Willson Peale, specialized in miniatures (小画像). His daughter Sarah Miriam Peale was probably the first professional female portrait painter in America.

36. What is the main topic of the passage?

A. The life of Charles Willson Peale.B. Portraits in the 18th century.

C. The Peale Museum.D. A family of artists.

37. The author mentions in Paragraph 1 that Washington tipped his hat to the figures

in the painting to show that ________.A. Charles Willson Peale’s painting was very lifelikeB. Washington respected Charles Willson Peale’s work

C. Washington was friendly with Raphaelle and Titian PealeD. the painting of the two pothers was very large

38. The underlined word “unearthed” is closest in meaning to“ ______”.A. showed B. dug up C. invented D. looked over 39. Which of the following is NOT the child of Charles Willson Peale?A. Titian Peale. B. Rubens Peale. C. Raphaelle Peale. D. Sarah Miriam Peale.

40. The author’s attitude toward the Peales is in general _______.

A. puzzled B. excited C. admiring D. disappointedB

Beauty has always been regarded as something praiseworthy(值得表扬). Almost everyone thinks attractive people are happier and healthier, have better marriages and have more respectable jobs. Personal advisers give them better advice for finding jobs. Even judges are softer on attractive defendants(被告). But in the executive(行政的)circle, beauty can become a liability.

While attractiveness is a positive factor for a man on his way up the executive ladder(梯子),it is negative to a woman. Handsome male executives were considered as having most honesty than plainer men; effort and ability were thought to lead to their success. Attractive female executives were considered to have less honesty than unattractive ones; their success was connected not with ability but with



Unit 1 Great scientists

Section Ⅱ Warming Up Reading-Language Points


1.The need to communicate is a key ________(特征)of human society.

2.I don’t know who sent the gift,but I’ll make some ________(询问).

3.You will be ________(指示)where to go as soon as the plane is ready.

4.An active attitude towards life can help people deal with whatever ________(挑战)they may come across in daily life.

5.What made you ________(怀疑)your best friend of having taken your necklace?

6.She tried every means to ________(改正) her child of the bad habit.

Ⅱ.选词填空 attend on;be absorbed in;expose;draw a conclusion;cure

1.We’d better discuss together before ________________.

2.I ________________the book just now and didn’t notice you enter the room.

3.The doctor ________________me of my illness,and I was very thankful to him.

4.Dr.Martin himself ________________the sick man last night.

5.They consider it almost a crime to ________________children to violence and sex on TV. Ⅲ.单项填空

1.(2011年山东实验中学高二检测)No one has ________ anything better than the plan now under consideration.

A.put up with B.come up

C.put forward D.come up to

2.(2011年合肥168中学高二检测)Mary thought highly of the painting,but to Mr.Smith’s ________eye,the painting was terrible.



3.(2011年白鹭洲高二检测)Her pale face suggested that she ________ badly ill and I suggested she ________to hospital without delay.

A.be;should be sent B.was;be sent

C.be;was sentD.was;was sent

4.(2009年高考山东卷)So sudden ________that the enemy had no time to escape.

A.did the attackB.the attack did

C.was the attackD.the attack was

5.She was so________in her job that she didn’t hear anybody knocking at the door.

A.attracted B.absorbed


6.He isn’t like his pother________in appearance________in character.


C.not only;but alsoD.either;or

7.Mr.Green stood up in defence of the 16-year-old boy, saying that he was not the one________.


C.to blame D.to be blamed

8.—Don’t forget to phone me when you get home.Just to let me know you’ve arrived safely. —I won’t forget.Good-bye then.


A.With pleasure

B.It’s kind of you

C.Don’t mention it

D.Have a nice trip


—She is very lovely and has a pair of big eyes.

A.What do you think of Susan

B.What does Susan look like

C.How is Susan

D.What is Susan

10.The Food and Agriculture Organization says more than forty billion dollars a year needs to be invested in agriculture to ________ world hunger, which is becoming more and more serious.


C.reject D.cure


Michael Faraday was the son of a blacksmith (铁匠).There were four children in his family and, with his father often ill and unable to work,Michael Faraday had to earn his living from an early age.This meant little or no schooling.However,the family belonged to a religious group,and Faraday learnt to read and write at Sunday School.

When he was only fourteen,Faraday found a job as a bookbinder (装订工).He used to read the books he was given to bind and he became very interested in the scientific books,particularly the ones about electricity.His interest soon took a practical path and he began conducting his own experiments.These were very basic because Faraday had to make all of his equipment himself.However,he was very careful and kept a clear written record of all his findings.

One day he was given an entrance ticket to the Royal Institute chemistry lecture,given by Humphry Davy.Determined to work for this great scientist,he sent Davy a job application and included his laboratory reports on the experiments he had carried out.In 1813,Davy offered Faraday a job as one of his laboratory assistants.Faraday learnt quickly and soon was recognized as a very able analytical chemist.Later he went to work at the Royal Institute.

Michael Faraday was, perhaps,the greatest practical scientist of the 19th century.As a chemist,he discovered the benzene (苯),which is now the focal point of chemical study.He also proved the relationship between electricity and chemical bonding (化学键).As a physicist,he invented the dynamo,which led to the later invention of the electric motor.He also discovered the effect of magnetism (磁) on light rays.

1.Why did Faraday attend Sunday School?

A.He had to work for a bookbinder at weekdays.

B.He hoped to read many of the scientific books there.

C.He would like to learn religious knowledge.

D.His family couldn’t afford his normal school education.

2.When working as a bookbinder,Faraday________.

A.published his great findings on electricity

B.made his own equipment for his experiments

C.read many books by Humphry Davy

D.gained his fame as a practical scientist

3.In order to get a chance to work for Davy,Faraday ________.

A.bought tickets to attend Davy’s lecture

B.sent his experiment reports to Davy

C.went to the Royal Institute to visit Davy

D.offered to do laboratory work for free

4.We can learn from the last paragraph that________.

A.the electric motor was invented by Faraday

B.electricity was Faraday’s best-known finding

C.Faraday’s research covered different fields

D.Faraday was more a chemist than a physicist


Smoking is one of the worst things kids can do to their bodies. Every single day, about 4,000 kids between the ages of 12 and 17 start smoking. Most junior school students don’t smoke-only about 1 in 10 does. Most senior school students don’t smoke either -about 1 in 4 does.

But why do those who smoke ever begin? There’s more than just one simple answer. Some kids may start

smoking just because they’re curious. Others may like the idea of doing something that grown-ups don’t want them to do. Still others might think smoking is a way to act or smoking makes them look like an adult.

Luckily, fewer people are starting to smoke than a few years ago. Maybe that’s because more and more people have learned that smoking can cause cancer and heart disease. Sometimes kids don’t worry about what future illness they might get.

Nicotine and other poisonous chemicals in tobacco cause lots of diseases, like heart problems and some kinds of cancer. If kids smoke, it will hurt their lungs and hearts each time they light up. It can also make it more difficult for blood to flow in the body, so smokers may feel tired. The longer they smoke, the worse the damage becomes.

The human body is smart, and it knows when it’s being poisoned. When kids try smoking for the first time, they often cough a lot and feel pain or burnt in their throats and lungs. This is their lungs’ way of trying to protect them. Also, many kids say that they feel sick to their stomachs or


Section Ⅲ Learning about Language Using Language


1.The origins of the ________(宇宙)are still a mystery.

2.The May 4th ________(运动) of 1919 is very important in the history of China.

3.Our teacher tells us that exercise ________(有助于)to good health.

4.Several ________(热情的) young teachers have just started working at the school.

5.She’s got a really ________(积极的)attitude to life.

6.When her husband left home she felt ________(抛弃)and useless.

Ⅱ.选词填空 reject;be strict with;enthusiastic;make sense of;make sense;cautious

1.I can’t ____________________this poem,but perhaps I will if I read it again.

2.Although I ____________________ by the university, I didn’t lose heart.

3.As she ____________ very __________________ her children, they developed a good studying habit.

4.Only after finishing reading the passage can you find it ____________________.

5.With so many people watching him, Jim was very ________________.

6. He doesn’t sound ________________ about the place, in which his parents have ever worked.


1.(2011年临沂高二检测)I don’t think his reason for being late makes ________.


C.value D.cause

2.(2011年青岛高二检测)The teacher didn’t explain the problem clearly,so many students were ________.

A.confusing B.mixing

C.confused D.mixed

3.(2011年石家庄高二检测)Firemen said the fire was under control,but they warned that the change in weather might ________ a new fire.

A.ping inB.peak out

C.result from D.lead to

4.(2011年湖州高二检测)The power station ________last year is a big one.

A.having been built B.built

C.being built D.to be built

5.(2011年河南实验中学高二检测)Only in this way ________to get there ahead of time.

A.you can hope B.you did hope

C.can you hope D.did you hope

6.A small but ________ crowd cheered as the players ran onto the field.

A.energetic B.enthusiastic

C.enjoyable D.encouraged

7.I cared for none of the presents ________the wonderful bag you bought for my 12th birthday.

A.in addition to B.as well as

C.in addition D.apart from

8.Franklin’s ability to learn from observations and experience________greatly to his success in public life.


C.attached D.related

9.—How do you________we go to Beijing for our holidays?

—I think we’d better fly there.It’s much more comfortable.

A.insist B.want

C.suppose D.suggest

10.Our students ought to ________our share to the coming college students’ sports meeting in our city.

A.contribute B.construct



Every morning my friend would stop on the way to work to have a quick peakfast with her 8-year-old son.Then off at school.They ate the same thing every morning:an egg sandwich,juice,coffee for her,and milk for him. the door,,,and gave ,telling her it was his first meal during the couldn’t,herself included,,support,food,So her “Tradition of Kindness” day she and her son went on ,experiencewas firmly put into her son’s mind. “Tradition of Kindness” goes on with her son,,her son stops every morning 1.A.sent B.dropped

C.called D.drove

2.A.light B.expensive

C.ordinary D.extra


C.backed D.hid

4.A.shop B.market

C.hotel D.restaurant

5.A.recognized B.refused

C.thanked D.found





8.A.action B.time



C.no one D.anyone

10.A.education B.information

C.comfort D.safety

11.A.again B.further

C.once D.first


C.follow D.help

13.A.began B.existed



C.show D.award



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