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篇一:牛津英语九年级上册Unit 7英语随堂反馈提高卷(含答案)

9上Unit 7英语随堂反馈提高卷


Class ____________Name ____________

一、单项填空 (15分)

( ) 1. Guilin is ___ attractive city. It’s ____ nice place that many tourists go there every year. A. an; so aB. a; a soC. a; a suchD. an; such a ( ) 2. When you get the paper back, pay special attention to what _______.A. has marked B. has been marked

C. had marked D. had been marked

( ) 3. Mr Wu is considered _______ our model. He puts all his effort _______ his career.A. to; to B. as; into C. as; to D. like; to

( ) 4. _____ the sun was not up yet, many people were already taking exercise in the square.A. As B. If C. ThoughD. Because ( ) 5. —I haven’t been to Shanghai for years.

—You really need to pay a visit, and you’ll find changes there are _______ imagination (想象). A. beyondB. withC. withoutD. for

( ) 6. Paul is really considering _______ himself to _______ those children in the earthquake-hit area.A. to devote, teaching B. devoting, teaching C. devoting, teachD. to devote, teach ( ) 7. After a long walk, he is _______ tired _______ walk any further.A. too far; toB. far too; toC. so; thatD. such; that ( ) 8. It was _______ problem that _______ of the students could work it out.

A. so hard; a fewB. such a hard; few C. such hard a; fewD. so a hard; a few

( ) 9. I can’t believe that you’ve spent _______ money on _______ food.A. so much; such little B. such much; so littleC. so much; so little D. such much; such little

( ) 10. —We are not allowed to ping any snacks at the sports meeting.—_______.

A. Neither are we B. Neither do we C. So are weD. So do we

( ) 11. The teacher asked him to speak louder _______ by his classmates. A. so that to be heardB. in order to catch C. so that he could be heard D. being heard

( ) 12. 30,000 dollars is a large amount of money, but it’s _______ than we need. A. far more B. very muchC. far less D. very little ( ) 13. —Sandy was _______ to answer the teacher’s question, wasn’t she?

—_______, she is always so shy. I think she needs more practice and should try hard. A. too nervous; No B. too nervous; YesC. nervous enough; No D. nervous enough; Yes

( ) 14. The famous actor told us that he _______ the film industry since he left college. A. had entered B. has joined C. had been inD. has come into ( ) 15. —We’d like you to start work tomorrow if possible.

—I’m sorry, but I can’t possibly start until Monday. _______? A. Do you agree with me B. Is that a good idea C. Do you think I’m rightD. Will that be all right

二、完形填空 (10分)

My father died when I was a few months old. After he died, my mother moved back to Louisville, Kentucky, where time when being a single parent (单亲) was still unusual.

When I was small, there was a children’s book called The Happy Family, and it was a real piece of work. Dad worked all day long at the office, Mom cooked in the kitchen, and pother and sister always had friends sleeping over. The image (形象) of the family in this book was typical (典型的) of the time. It looked my family, but luckily that wasn’t the way I heard it. The way my aunt Marion read it to me really

Kind-hearted and open-minded, my aunt was the one who played baseball with me, who took me horseback riding, who took me to the father-son dinners and who gave me lessons on how to drive. Believing that anything unusual was probably good for me, she to get a loan (贷款) so that I could go to Africa to work as a As a young girl, Aunt Marion always planned to have a large number of children of her own, but she never got married. This that she was free to spend all her time taking care of me. Many people say we have a lot in common. She always For more than sixty years, Aunt Marion didn’t and still doesn’t think of herself. much (尊敬)my aunt, who taught me the things my couldn’t. So every June for the past 40

years, for growing thankfulness to my Aunt Marion, I’ve sent her a Father’s Day card. ( ) 1. A. I B. she C. he D. we

( ) 2. A. nothing B. anythingC. everything D. something ( ) 3. A. surprisingB. boring C. sad D. funny ( ) 4. A. remembered B. affordedC. offered D. prepared ( ) 5. A. said B. meantC. proved D. showed ( ) 6. A. allowedB. encouraged C. invited D. forced ( ) 7. A. hopedB. agreedC. stopped D. failed ( ) 8. A. Unless B. Though C. Since D. Before ( ) 9. A. difference B. meaning C. trouble D. sense ( ) 10. A. teachers B. mother C. fatherD. friends 三、阅读理解 (10分)

To us, it seems so natural to put up an umpella to keep the water off when it rains. But in fact the umpella was not invented as protection against the rain. Its first use was as a shade against the sun.

Nobody knows who first invented it, but the umpella was used in very ancient times. Probably the first to use it were the Chinese, back in the eleventh century BC.

We know that the umpella was used in ancient Egypt and Babylon as a sunshade. And there was a strange thing connected with its use: it became a symbol of honor and power. In the Far East in ancient times, the In Europe, the Greeks were the first to use the umpella as a sunshade. The umpella was in common use in ancient Greece, but it is believed that the first people in Europe to use the umpella as protection against the rain were the ancient Romans. During the middle ages in Europe, the use of the umpella almost disappeared (消失). Then it appeared again in Italy in the late sixteenth century. And again it became a symbol of power.

Umpellas have not changed much in style during all this time, though they have become much lighter in weight. It wasn’t until the twentieth century that the umpellas for women began to be made in all kinds of colors.

( ) 1. Ancient people first used umpellas as _______.

A. a symbol of honor B. protection against the sunC. a symbol of power D. protection against the rain ( ) 2. According to the passage, the umpella was probably first used in ancient _______.A. Egypt B. Babylon C. Rome D. China ( ) 3. The underlined word “royal” might mean _______ in Chinese.

A.皇室的 B.富裕的C.中产的 D.平民的 ( ) 4. According to the passage, which of the following is NOT true?A. The ancient Greeks used the umpella in their daily life.

B. Europeans hardly used the umpella during the middle ages.C. The umpellas for women were made colorful in ancient times.D. The style of the umpella hasn’t changed a lot since it was invented ( ) 5. This passage is mainly about _______.

A. the sales of the umpella B. the differences among umpellas

C. the invention of the umpella D. the history and the use of the umpella 四、词形变化(5分)

1. The elegant lady made a guest _______________ (appear) on Mr Smith’s TV show. 2. The young lady’s death is a great _______________ (lose) to her fans.

3. Can you give me the _______________ (dance) names? I need to fill in this form. 4. He can get the prize if he pass the _______________ (finally) challenge.

5. We were all _______________ (amaze) by this magic show and couldn’t believe our eyes. 五、根据句意和汉语注释,写出单词的正确形式 (8分)

1. The film _______________ (以…为基础) on the novel Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince is very wonderful.

2. The rice was _______________ (误以为) for the wheat just now.

3. It was _______________ (愚蠢的) of you to believe what that man said.

4. We have to _______________ (取消) this sports meeting because of the bad weather. 5. I heard the steel _______________ (工业) was not going well last year. 6. Lily likes sitting in the first _______________ (排) when having classes. 7. Van Gogh’s paintings was not popular during his _______________ (一生).

8. I think Guo Jingming is one of the greatest _______________ (讲故事的人) in China today.六、动词填空 (5分)

1. Why can’t you just believe me? I ______________ (tell) you everything I know! 2. How long do you usually stay out _______________ (make) films every year? 3. It’s said that this kind of fashionable bag _______________ (carry) easily.

4. The more careful you are, the more successfully the work _______________ (do).

5. He _______________ (keep) standing outside by the teacher for an hour yesterday because of his mistakes. 6. —How was your picnic?

—Great! We ______________ (have) a good time by the lake.

7. He decided to try his best _______________ (catch) the director’s attention so that he could get a role. 8. The player the school team gave up _______________ (accept) by a basketball club at last.

9. Peter is busy these days. I suppose he _______________ (work) hard for his coming exam, right? 10. Our school promised that they _______________ (offer) students more after-school activities. 七、任务型阅读(根据短文内容,完成下面的表格。每格填一词。)(10分)

Writing a good story is no easy task. What’s the secret? Mo Yan, the Nobel Prize winner in literature in 2012, believes his success comes from a large amount of reading.

Mo was born into a farming family in a village in Shandong Province. He grew up listening to folk stories about gods, spirits and foxes. Those stories later became the inspiration (灵感) for Mo’s writing.

Mo left school at the age of 12 and started to work in the fields. Although he was tired after his daily hard work, Mo was always hungry for books. However, there were very few in the village. He read his older pother’s textbooks and even dictionaries. He helped others with farm work in exchange for books.

“When I finished reading all the books around, I thought I was the most knowledgeable man in the world,” he told Xinhua.

After Mo left his hometown and joined the army in 1976, he began to read widely, including works by Lu Xun and many other famous writers.

He studied from these writers but did not copy them. Instead, he developed his own style. “I grew up in an environment filled with folk culture. It enters my novels whenever I pick up a pen. This has influenced, even decided, my style,” Mo told a group of reporters in his hometown shortly after he won the award in 2012.

As the first Chinese citizen to win a Nobel Prize in literature, the organization spoke highly of his works. They described his writing as a mixture (混合体) of fantasy and reality, combining historical and social

1. 校长说这件事已经远超他的职权了。

The principal says that the thing _________________________________________________. 2. 我听说那个老人在睡梦中安然辞世了。

I heard that the old man ______________________________________________________. 3. 影院正在上映的这部影片成功吸引了我的注意。

The film __________________________________________________________________. 4. 他们别无选择,只能让这个女孩担当主演。

They ____________________________________________________________________. 5. 她如此可爱,以致于这两个男生都已爱上了她。

She is ____________________________________________________________________. 6. 我们很早就开始排队等候以便于我们得到这个特价优惠。

We started to wait in line very early _____________________________________________. 九、书面表达 (10分)

我最喜欢的电影明星是成龙 (Jackie Chen)。他出生于香港。在中国戏剧学校 (the Peking Opera School) 学习期间,他就开始在一些戏剧中表演。后来在很多动作片中扮演主角,也获得了几个国际奖项。成龙还把他的很多时间贡献给了慈善事业。因此,我认为…(用3-4句话适当发挥)



9上Unit 7英语随堂反馈提高卷和答案

一、1-5 DBBCA 6-10 BBBCA 11-15 CCBCD 二、1-5 BADCB 6-10 BDAAC 三、1-5 BDACD

四、1. appearance2. loss3. dancers’ 4. final 5. amazed五、1. based 2. mistaken3. stupid4. cancel5. industry 6. row 7. lifetime 8. storytellers

六、1. have told 2. to make3. carries4. will be done 5. was kept

6. had 7. to catch8. was accepted 9. is working 10. would offer 七、1. Chinese 2. farmers 3. hardly 4. develop5. 2012

6. offer 7. mixes 8. cause9. full10. Reading八、1. has gone far beyond his duty

2. passed away peacefully in his sleep

3. showing at the cinema caught my attention successfully 4. had no choice but to let the girl play the lead role

5. so sweet/ cute that the two boys have both fallen in love with her 6. in order to get/ so that we could get the special offer

九、 My favourite film star is Jackie Chen. He was born in Hong Kong. During his stay at the Peking Opera

School, he started to perform in some plays. Later he played lead roles in many action films. He was also presented with several international awards. He devotes much of his time to charity as well. I think Jackie Chen is considered not only as an actor with great talent but also a kind and helpful person. He helps a lot of people in need. We should learn from him.

篇二:9上Unit 6英语随堂反馈提高卷(含答案)

9上Unit 6英语随堂反馈提高卷

Class ____________Name ____________


一、单项填空 (15分)

( ) 1. —Where are you going this winter holiday?—We _______ go to Lijiang, but we?re not sure.A. must B. needn?t C. might D. mustn?t ( ) 2. —Would you like to _______ my birthday party this Saturday?

—Sorry, I have an important meeting to _______.

A. attend; join B. take part in; attend C. join; take part in D. join; attend

( ) 3. —Did you watch the interview with Yao Ming last weekend?

—Yes, I did. It was covered _______, and I think it was wonderful.

A. live B. aliveC. living D. lively

( ) 4. —May I go to the cinema with Tom tomorrow, mom?—Of course, if your homework _______ by then.

A. will be finished B. finish C. will finishD. is finished

( ) 5. During May 1st and October 1st holidays, there?re a lot of people _______ travel to

places of great _______.

A. hoping to; interestB. hoping; interest C. hope to; interesting D. hope to; interested ( ) 6. The number of the classes in our school is _______ than _______ of any other school

in Wuxi.

A. larger; the oneB. more; that C. larger; that D. more; the one ( ) 7. The _______ documentary describes _______ in the future.

A. two hours?; how Wu Xi will be like B. two-hours; what Wu Xi will be like C. two-hour; how Wu Xi will beD. two hour?s; what Wu Xi will be like( ) 8. He seldom stays up late at night, _______ necessary, to keep himself full of energy the

next day.

A. if B. unlessC. untilD. while ( ) 9. When I came into the room, I found _______ on the floor, unable to move. A. him lyingB. him lie C. he lyingD. he lie ( ) 10. _______ went to see the football match on the playground in our school yesterday


A. A number of the students B. The number of the students C. A number of studentsD. The number of students

( ) 11. Scientists generally agree that earth?s climate will warm up over the next 50 to 100

years _______ it has warmed in the 20,000 years since Ice Age.

A. so long as B. as much as C. as long as D. as well as

( ) 12. My father had _______ sleep last night so he felt _______ sleepy today. A. a bit; a littleB. bit; littleC. a little; a bit D. a little; a bit


( ) 13. You could hardly imagine _______ amazing the Great Wall was _______ you saw it

with your own eyes.

A. how, unless B. what, unless C. how, if D. what, until ( ) 14. I think the new film _______ by Mr Zhang _______ seeing. A. is directed; worthB. directed; worth

C. is directed; is worth D. directed; be worth

( ) 15. —Since you can?t find a better job, why don?t you stick to (坚持) the present one? —Well, _______.

A. I might as well B. I can?t care C. never mind D. I believe


Evelyn Glennie was the first woman percussion soloist (打击乐器独奏演员) in Scotland. In an interview, she told us about how she became a percussion soloist though she was disabled.

“Early on I decided not to allow thepiano lessons when I was eight. The

older I got, the more I liked music. But I also began to gradually (渐渐said that the nerve damage (神经损伤) was and by age twelve, I was completely deaf. But my love for music never left me.”

“MyTo perform, I learned to ?hear? music differently from others. I play without shoes and can the pitch of a note (音调高低) by the vipations (振动) I feel through my body and imagination (想像). My sound world exists (存在) by making use of almost that I have.”

“I decided to be assessed (评价) as a musician, not as a deaf musician, and applied to (申请) this before and some teachers didn?t agree with me. Based on my performance, I was finally admitted(承认)and went on to graduate with the 9 honors.”

“I?ve been a soloist for over the doctor thought I was totally deaf, it to be limited (限制) by others. Follow your love; follow your heart. They will lead you to the place you want to go.”

( ) 1. A. conditions B. thoughtsC. actions D. situation ( ) 2. A. enjoying B. choosing C. takingD. giving ( ) 3. A. view B. hearing C. touchD. taste ( ) 4. A. evidence B. result C. excuse D. cause ( ) 5. A. job B. decision C. promise D. dream ( ) 6. A. tellB. see C. hear D. smell ( ) 7. A. sense B. effort C. feeling D. idea ( ) 8. A. done B. accepted C. advised D. refused ( ) 9. A. heaviest B. smallestC. highest D. longest ( ) 10. A. HoweverB. Though C. WhenD. Since 三、阅读理解(10分)

Gapiel Garcia Márquez, who was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1982, passed away at the age of 86 on April 17, 2014. The world felt sad about the loss of a cultural giant (巨匠).

Garcia Márquez was born in Colombia, but he spent most of his adult life in Mexico City. As one of the most famous writers, he was widely regarded as “a giant of 20th-century literature”. Garcia Márquez wrote in a style called “magical realism”. In such works, people live a daily life in a certain period of time in history. But meanwhile, magical things happen to them.

Garcia Márquez is best known for his 1967 novel, One Hundred Years of Solitude (《百年孤独》), which has sold about 50 million copies. It tells the tale of the small and isolated town of Macondo which was separated (分离) from the outside world—of its its troubled history over a hundred years. The story is a metaphor (隐喻) for the development of Colombia since the 19th century. As Colombian President Juan Manuel Santons said, Garcia Márquez wrote about “the very essence (精髓) of the Latin American beings”.

( ) 1. Garcia Márquez was born in the year _______.

A. 1914 B. 1928C. 1967 D. 1982 ( ) 2. We can know from Paragraph 2 that Garcia Márquez ______.

A. was born in Mexico City B. spent most of his adult life in Colombia

C. had a writing style called “magical realism”D. was famous but lived a simple daily life

( ) 3. The underlined word “isolated” means _______.

A. 隔绝的B. 安逸的C. 喧嚣的 D. 繁华的 ( ) 4. Which of the following is NOT TRUE about Garcia Márquez?

A. He was the winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1982.B. His novel One Hundred Years of Solitude was a great success. C. He was widely known as “a giant of 20th-century literature”. D. Magical things happened to him during his stay in Mexico City. ( ) 5. The writer quotes (引用) the words from the President to ______.A. praise Garcia Márquez for his achievementB. show the deep sadness of the


C. explain the writing style of Garcia Márquez D. describe the character of Garcia Márquez


1. I guess these bags are those _______________ (direct). Please keep them in your office. 2. A strong wind warned us of the _______________ (come) storm. 3. Have you got the ________________ (late) news on this program?

4. Nowadays people in the West are interested in ____________ (Asia) food culture very much.

5. Excuse me, can you tell me how many _______________ (studio) there are around here? 五、根据句意和汉语注释,写出单词的正确形式(8分)

1. Your voice can be _______________ (录音) if you press the button.

2. The famous host will show us an ______________ (最新的) invention later.

3. —I heard many people hold ________________ (枪) in their homes in the USA, right? —I bet you?ve watched TV series too much.

4. There was not much __________ (对话) in this drama play, but we all enjoyed it very much. 5. As a football ________________ (狂热爱好者), can you name three famous football players? 6. —How is your new girlfriend, Andy?

—Really annoying. She kept sending me text _______________ (信息) all day!

7. The _______________ (富有的) man has helped build three Hope Schools in this area.

8. You are so _____________ (愚蠢的,傻的) that you are still waiting for the impossible news. 六、动词填空 (10分)

1. Some experts thought that the price of houses _______________ (not go) down sharply in the next few years.

2. The football match between the Chinese Team and the Korean Team ________________ (cover) on CCTV-5 at 9:00 last Sunday.

3. —Have you taken your medicine today?—No, I ________________ (take) it after supper.

4. He had many duties but his main job was ________________ (look) after the babies. 5. Mr Smith?s plane _______________ (not arrive). Let?s wait for him here. 6. It will be two days before the decision _______________ (make).

7. Doing this would be just like _________________ (cut) the feet to fit the shoes.

8. The Greens _______________ (have) supper when suddenly there was a knock at the door. 9. _______________ (travel) in the country is a pleasant thing.

10. As is known to us all, metal _______________ (feel) much colder than wood in winter. 七、任务型阅读(根据短文内容,完成下面的表格。每格填一词。)(10分)

What is your favourite cartoon? It may be difficult for you to decide. But for pianist Lang Lang, Tom and Jerry is the best one.

When Lang was two years old, he saw Tom playing the piano. This was his first time to enjoy western music and this experience encouraged him to learn to play the piano.

His talent at the keyboard has taken him from Shenyang to the world.

Lang became a good piano student at three. Ever since, the boy has been doing better and better. In 1997, the 15-year-old boy studied at a famous American music college.

Lang?s performances are energetic. He is well-known for making facial expressions and moving around while playing the piano.

The road to success has never been easy. Lang?s father stopped his job to look after him, while his mother stayed in Shenyang to make money. But Lang considers himself lucky and


1. 作为一个动物爱好者,我坚决反对不合理的动物放生。

_____________________________, _______________________ improper animal release. 2. 电视节目“爸爸去哪儿”给电视观众们提供了一个近距离观察明星和他们的孩子们的机会。

The TV program Where Are We Going, Dad? provides the viewers ____________________

____________________________________________ some famous people and their children.

3. 花时间看竞赛节目真是浪费时间。

It?s really _______________________________________________________________. 4. 除非提前录制,不然这个节目将没法按时播出。

I?m afraid this program _________________________________________________ earlier. 5. 他们看到两个穿着校服的男生冲进教室,手里拿着书。

They saw two boys _____________________________, ___________________their hands. 6. 如果你对音乐感兴趣的话,或许你可以选择为自己最喜欢的音乐视频进行网上投票。 If you are interested in music, you _________________________ your favorite music video.九、书面表达(10分)

假如你叫王萍,是某电视台英语频道“School English”栏目的忠实观众。请根据下列信I like your program very much. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Thank you for giving us a lot of fun! I wish your program a pight future.

Yours sincerely,

Wang Ping

9上Unit 6英语随堂反馈提高卷和答案

一、1-5 CBADA 6-10 CCBAC 11-15 BCABA二、1-5 BCBDD 6-10 AAACB 三、1-5 BCADA

四、1. directors? 2. coming 3. latest 4. Asian 5. studios 五、1. recorded 2. up-to-date3. guns 4. dialogue 5. fan 6. messages7. wealthy 8. silly

六、1. wouldn?t go 2. was covered3. will take4. to look5. hasn?t arrived6. is made7. cutting 8. were having9. Travelling10. feels 七、1. Information 2. 1982 3. Talent4. cartoon5. helping

6. love 7. well8. enter 9. energetic 10. making 八、1. As an animal-lover, I?m strongly against

2. with a chance to take a close look at

3. a waste of time to spend time watching game shows 4. can?t be sent out on time unless it is recorded

5. in school uniforms rush into the classroom, with books in 6. may/ might choose to vote online for 九、Dear Cathy,

English songs. From your program we can learn many new words and expressions. We can improve our listening and speaking abilities in English. We can also know more about the different cultures of other countries in the world. We learn a lot from your program.

I?m sorry to tell you that I can?t follow you easily sometimes because you speak a little

fast. It?s also a pity that we can only watch your program twice a week.

篇三:牛津英语九年级上册Unit 8英语随堂反馈提高卷(含答案)

9上Unit 8英语随堂反馈提高卷

(整卷满分为90分)Class ____________Name ____________

一、单项填空 (15分)

( ) 1. Don’t come to meet him _______, because he will be away _______.A. between 8 and 9; between 7 and 12 B. from 8 and 9; from 7 to 12C. between 8 and 9; from 7 to 12 D. from 8 to 9; between 7 and 12 ( ) 2. —Who would you like to talk with at the end of the speech? —The lady _______ Miss White. A. we call B. called herself C. calls herself D. is called ( ) 3. The man told us his past _______ clear language and we knew that he used to make a living _______ writing novels. A. with; in B. in; with C. in; by D. at; by ( ) 4. —There is a lot of smoke coming out of the teaching building there. —Really? Then it _______ be a fire, I’m sure, for the electrical equipment (电器) there often goes wrong. A. canB. must C. has to D. might ( ) 5. —It’s so cold! Why not close the window?—Sorry. It _______. I’ll have it repaired. A. won’t be shutB. won’t shutC. haven’t shutD. isn’t shutting ( ) 6. It’s the third time _______ late this month. A. that you arrived B. when you’ve arrived C. that you’ve arrivedD. when you arrived ( ) 7. —Hi, Mike. Why are you so sad? —Well, I find the computer I had had _______ went wrong again. A. it repair B. repaired C. it repaired D. repairing ( ) 8. —Where would you like to go on a vacation? —I’d love to go _______. A. somewhere relaxing B. anywhere relaxedC. somewhere relaxed D. everywhere relaxing ( ) 9. I shall never forget those years _______ I lived on the farm with the farmers, _______ has had a great influence on my life. A. when; whoB. that; whichC. which; that D. in which; which ( ) 10. Detective Lu is checking the scene of the crime _______ some clues _______ the killer.A. for; toB. for; forC. to; to D. to; for ( ) 11. —Do you feel like _______ there or shall we take a bus? —I’d like to walk. But since there’s not much time left, I’d rather _______ a taxi. A. walking; to take B. to walk; took C. to walk; takeD. walking; take ( ) 12. All of them think Peter is easy to _______.A. get on well with B. get on wellC. get on well with him D. get on well with them ( ) 13. —I dislike music _______ I can’t sing along with. —Me, _______. A. that; too B. what; too C. that; either D. what; either ( ) 14. My dictionary _______. I have looked for it everywhere, but still _______ it. A. is lost; don’t find B. is missing; haven’t found C. has lost; haven’t found D. is missing; don’t find ( ) 15. —Jack, you seem in high spirits. —_______ We won the match 4-0. A. Guess what? B. So what? C. No wonder.D. No doubt.二、完形填空 (10分)

“I’ve been writing a book, John. Do you think anyone would be interested in it?” said the old lady. John took over the papers from her shaking hand and let her sit in a chair. He remembered her rich in the early days of the Old West. He looked through the papers. “It’s good, hear him, he shouted into her ears. “I think it’s very good. I’ll send it to a publisher (Ten days later, he reported that the publisher had read a few

and he had paid $100 for the copyright (版权). money would be given as an advance (预付款). Every month, John pought her $100 with a letter from the publisher telling about the progress of the book. One morning, three months after her 100th birthday, Grandma didn’t get up. The doctor told her that she couldn’t more than a few days. She was ready to go, but she first wanted her book to be in print. John promised that she could get it very soon. Grandma held on until the day the book came into her hands. She proudly touched her book with her fingers, tears in her eyes. Two hours later, she died peacefully, holding her book. Her granddaughter took the book and it. “Why, it’s just blank (空白) pages!” She cried in surprise. John’s face turned was John and sold his car to pay the advance. ( ) 1. A. borrowingB. publishing C. readingD. lending ( ) 2. A. advice B. experiencesC. thoughts D. family ( ) 3. A. couldn’tB. needn’tC. mustn’tD. wouldn’t ( ) 4. A. words B. letters C. pages D. books ( ) 5. A. Some B. Much C. EnoughD. More ( ) 6. A. die B. stopC. lastD. stay ( ) 7. A. stillB. yet C. alwaysD. then ( ) 8. A. closed B. opened C. turned on D. turned off ( ) 9. A. white B. red C. grey D. yellow ( ) 10. A. herselfB. himself C. himD. her 三、阅读理解 (10分)

Can you remember a world before the Internet? If your answer is “no,” then you are probably a millennial. Millennials are the new generation (代) of young Americans. They were born between 1982 and 1992. There are 33 million of them, and they are just starting to enter the workforce. Many experts (专家) believe that millennials are different from young Americans of past generations and they will change the workforce. How are millennials different? They are the first generation born in the computer age. The Internet has always been a part of their lives. They spend about 16 hours a week on the Internet. And they spend 72 hours a week using other electronic media (媒体), including mobile phones and video games. They are “native speakers (母语使用者)” of the language of the computer age. How will millennials change the workforce? They use the Internet to communicate. They visit websites such as FaceBook every day. They share ideas, music, information, games, and friendships with people all over the world. When they start working, they will want to share their work and ideas with others. Their parents and teachers gave them a lot of attention. They taught them that their opinions were valuable. Many millennials are very confident. They will expect their bosses to listen to their opinions. Many of the millennials went to school from the age of two or three and played on sports teams. At work, they will expect the rules to be clear. They will also expect a strong but fair boss, like a coach on a sports team. They will follow the person in charge (主管) if he or she is fair. But they will not follow an unfair boss. They will also expect their work to be fun and creative, similar to their experience on a sports team. These are a few of the changes that experts believe millennials will ping to the American workforce. But the world is changing very fast. There will probably be more changes that are difficult to imagine today. ( ) 1. According to the first paragraph, which of the following about Millennials is NOT true?A. They belong to a new generation. B. They were born about ten years ago. C. They are entering the workforce. D. They know little about the world before the Internet. ( ) 2. Which is the main reason that makes the experts believe millennials are different from young Americans of past generations? A. They can speak a better native language. B. They grow up with computers and the Internet. C. They use mobile phones and e-mails often.D. They spend long hours playing video

games. ( ) 3. Why do the millennials expect to share their work and ideas with others? Because _______. A. they know how to use the Internet to make new friends B. they understand how to communicate with new friends C. they grow up sharing ideas, music, information with others on the Internet D. the Internet can provide all the information they need ( ) 4. According to the passage, which of the following is NOT true? A. Millennials grow up with more attention from their parents and teachers. B. Many millennials are more confident than others at work. C. Many millennials give more valuable opinions (观点) to their bosses. D. Many millennials have had fun and creative experiences on sports teams. ( ) 5. From the passage we know that _______. A. the number of the millennials had come to 33 million by the end of 1982 B. most of the millennnials learn their native computer languages in schools C. millennials require their bosses to be healthier and the rules clearer at work D. more changes will probably be pought to the American workforce by millennials 四、词形变化 (5分)

1. They want to move to Moon Town for ________________ (safe). 2. To tell you the ________________ (true), I’m not interested in football at all. 3. It was raining really _______________ (heavy) at that time and we had to wait for some time.4. Simon was late for the show because he tried to find his ________________ (miss) keys at home. 5. Some people think their money is __________ (steal) because of some TV ads in some ways. 五、根据句意和汉语注释,写出单词的正确形式 (8分)

1. Judy is really an _________________ (不整洁的) girl. She never cleans up her bedroom. 2. What he said and what he did made him some _______________ (敌人). 3. His star sign is Leo. He is _______________ (或许) generous and confident. 4. Getting a visa is not as simple as you have _______________ (料想). 5. My pother is still _______________ (单身) though he is already 35 years old. 6. You could see from his face that he was _______________ (撒谎). 7. Her personal ________________ (财富) is thought to be ¥100,000. 8. He was badly _______________ (受伤) in his arm in the fight. 六、动词填空 (5分)

1. The woman you ___________ (swim) with yesterday will come here the day after tomorrow. 2. Listen! The song the girl is singing ________________ (sound) beautiful. 3. Daniel was answering the phone when his mother ______________ (shout) loudly, “Stop!” 4. I hope all these problems _______________ (deal) with as soon as possible. 5. People should try to save electricity by _______________ (not leave) lights on when they are not needed. 6. —How clean and tidy your classroom is! —Thank you. It _______________ (clean) every day. 7. The driver _______________ (try) every possible way, but still can’t get the taxi started. 8. I _______________ (answer) a telephone call when he entered the room. 9. It was raining heavily, but none of them said they _______________ (stop) to have a rest. 10. It seems necessary _______________ (report) this to the boss, because the situation is out of control. 七、任务型阅读(根据短文内容,完成下面的表格。每格填一词。)(10分)

I once believed that a friend is a friend all the way. Now I have changed my ideas about friendships. Friends of convenience. They can be the people who live next door or the mothers of our children’s closest friends. Friends of convenience (便利) are convenient indeed. They’ll help us when we need it. They’ll look after our cats when we go on holidays. But we don’t ever get too close or tell too much. We keep our public face and emotional distance, which means that we’ll talk about being overweight but not about being sad or disappointed. However, people still feel these friendships valuable to them.

Special-interest friends. These friendships aren’t deeply personal or emotional. Their value lies in some shared interest, so we may have an office friend, a tennis friend, or even a shopping friend. Historical friends. We all have a friend who knew us when ... maybe we were back in the second grade of primary school, when our family lived in that two-room flat downtown. He or she was the first, the only friend we told our secrets to. The years have gone by, and we have gone different ways. We have little in common now, but we’re still a personal part of each other’s past. We know how we looked before our teeth were straightened, and our getting together reminds us of an earlier part of ourselves, which is important and never lost. Cross-generational friends. These are friendships that form across generations (代). I have in my own life a precious (珍贵的) friend, a woman of 65, who is wise, who listens well, and who represents not only an ideal mother to me but also the person I’d like to be when I grow up.

1. 去年这个电脑工程师被指控入侵了他人的电脑系统。

Last year, the computer engineer ___________________________________________ computer systems.

2. 警察确认这个衬衫上有血的年轻人没有犯绑架罪。

The police confirmed that the young man ________________________________ kidnapping.

3. 据说他曾因盗窃罪入狱6个月。

It ____________________________________________________________ for six months.

4. Mike是个很和善的人,他总是和其他人友好相处。

Mike is a very nice person. He always ____________________________________________.

5. 他坚持说自己和此次案件没有关系。

He _________________________________________________________ this crime case.

6. 父母必须防范孩子们周边任何可能的危险。

Parents must ____________________________________________________ their children.

九、书面表达 (10分)




9上Unit 8英语随堂反馈提高卷和答案

一、1-5 CACBB6-10 CBADA11-15 DAABA

二、1-5 BBACD6-10 CABBB

三、1-5 BBCCD

四、1. safety2. truth3. heavily 4. missing 5. stolen

五、1. untidy 2. enemies 3. probably 4. supposed5. single

6. lying7. wealth 8. wounded

六、1. swam 2. sounds3. shouted 4. will be dealt5. not leaving

6. is cleaned 7. has tried 8. was answering 9. would stop10. to report 七、1. Types/ Kinds 2. help3. value 4. share 5. office

6. Historical 7. looked 8. remind9. same10. represent

八、1. was charged with peaking into others’

2. with blood on his shirt wasn’t guilty of

3. is said that he was in prison for theft

4. gets along well with others

5. insisted that he had nothing to do with

6. guard against any possible danger around

九、 There was a murder last night. The victim was killed with a knife. As a result, he bled to

death. A witness said there was a man out of peath and he had blood on his jacket. The suspect is of medium height and strong as well. The police haven’t arrested the murderer by now. The police have offered a reward of ¥10,000 for any clues that can lead to the arrest of the murderer. Anyone who has the information can contact the police on 110.


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