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Unit 1

Section A. The Expensive Fantasy of Lord Williams

《读写教程 III》:Ex. II, p. 9

1. Because this is a title bought with stolen money. The guy‘s real name is Anthony Williams.

2. It‘s small, with a population of only 320.

3. No. He looks like a Scottish noble, soft-spoken and wealthy.

4. The truth is that the man with endless money and a friendly manner was not a lord at all but a

government employee living out a fantasy that he was a Scottish noble and paying for it by stealing funds from Scottish Yard.

5. He stole more than eight million pounds over eight years and poured about five million pounds

into the village.

6. Most of the stolen money was supposed to be used to pay spies and conduct secret activities

against the Irish Republican Army.

7. He used the money to buy an estate, a beautiful home, and a dozen noble titles. But most of all,

he sunk his dishonest gains into the village, buying multiple cottages, a pub and a run-down hotel and turning them into very good-looking places.

8. His bank deposits were so large that they were noticed by the bank‘s management. The bank

then notified the police, who discovered that the criminal was one of their own.

9. Because in the eyes of some villagers Williams is a helper, pouring most of his stolen money

into the village and giving jobs to 43 people.

10. He said in an interview after he was arrested: ―I discovered this bloody huge amount of money.

I went from the need to pay off a few debts to what can only be described as greed. There is no way to justify it.‖

《读写教程Ⅲ》:Ex. Ⅲ, p. 9

1. suspicion

2. restored

3. considerate

4. inherited

5. furnish

6. justify

7. substantial

8. fantastic

《读写教程Ⅲ》:Ex. Ⅳ, p. 10

1. To his embarrassment he discovered

2. like that

3. strike deals with

4. live it out

5. falls upon dark days

6. nothing but

7. captured the heart of the little boy with

8. raise a glass to

《读写教程Ⅲ》: Ex. Ⅴ, p. 10

1. economy

2. business

3. campaign

4. poll

5. survey

6. research

7. lessons

8. study

《读写教程 III》: Ex. VI, p. 11

1. well-advised(明智的)

2. narrow-minded(心胸狭窄的)

3. wide-eyed(眼睛睁大的)

4. soft-spoken (说话温和的)

5. big-headed (妄自尊大的)

6. single-minded (专心致志的)

7. well-meant (用意良好的)

8. quick-tempered (易怒的)

《读写教程 III》: Ex. VII, p. 11

1. air-conditioned

2. handmade

3. thunder-struck

4. heart-felt

5. data-based

6. self-employed

7. custom-built

8. weather-beaten

《读写教程Ⅲ》: Ex. VIII, p. 12

1. Well-meant as it was, the decision spoiled the peace talk in the Middle East.

2. Hard as he tried, he failed to deceive the police commissioner in London in the end.

3. Poor as he was, she gave up the idea to marry him.

4. Friendly as he may seem, I won‘t regard him as considerate.

5. Suspicious as she was of him, she never came to the idea that the wealthy, soft-spoken,

well-mannered man was a criminal.

《读写教程Ⅲ》: Ex. Ⅸ., p. 12

1. Now (that) you have studied the above models and understood the meaning and usage of the

expression ―now that‖, you know how to do the following exercises.

2. Now (that) I‘ve heard the music, I understand why you like it.

3. Now that the hotel is beautifully restored, many travelers like to stay in it.

4. Now that the criminal turned out to be one of their own, the London police commissioner

publicly apologized for poorly supervising his department.

5. Now that you have got an MA degree, you are qualified for a PhD program.

《读写教程Ⅲ》: Ex. Ⅹ, p. 13

1. My thanks go to those who still stuck by me when I fell upon dark days.

2. Now that he has published a popular novel which earns him a large amount of money, he is able

to buy a new house and a car.

3. The police said that their suspicions were aroused because the girl had other marks on her body.

4. How can you talk to her like that? She is the one who pought you up and helped you finish


5. Hard as the road for these students after school will be, their prospects are pight.

6. In order to have enough money to run the business, he sold his newly-bought house at auction

even at a substantial loss.

7. He is fully justified in criticizing the police commissioner for poorly supervising his


8. These ancient buildings which are under protection have been restored beautifully to attract


《读写教程 III》: Ex. XI, p. 13

1. 周六晚,在―牢骚酒吧‖,村民依旧乐意向 ―威廉斯勋爵‖祝酒,尽管这个头衔现在只能引


2. 这个美丽的村庄坐落在苏格兰山区中,有一些村民说,他们从来不很了解安东尼?威廉斯。


3. 威廉斯先生买下了一笔又一笔的房产,给小村注入大量的现金,一手令它焕发了生机。

4. 可是谁也没有料到这个事实:这个财源滚滚、举止友好的人并非什么勋爵,而是一名政


5. 威廉斯先生自1959年起效力于伦敦警署,官至财务部副主管,年薪65,000英镑。大约


6. 但是最主要的,是他将不法收入投进了这座山村。精致的石屋农舍,茵茵的村中绿地,


7. 但最主要的, 阿布迪先生通过获取银行贷款和与不同的人做交易,仅支付威廉斯先生所


8. 是他将年久失修的戈登?阿姆斯旅馆买下并完全改装,将这堆废墟变成了一座华丽的一流


Section B. The Romantic Life of Secret Agent Albert

XVI. Choose the best answer to each of the following questions

1. D2. A 3. C 4. A 5. D 6. B 7. C 8. D

《读写教程Ⅲ》: Ex. XVII, p. 26

1. simplified

2. switched

3. standpoint

4. mysterious

5. romantic

6. exceedingly

7. exploits

8. heaved

《读写教程Ⅲ》:Ex. XVIII, p. 26

1. aside

2. for

3. for

4. except

6. At; towards

7. With

8. behind; on/off

9. about/of

Unit 2

Section A. Iron and the Effects of Exercise

《读写教程Ⅲ》: Ex. Ⅱ, p. 38

1. The new study suggests that even moderate exercise may lead to reduced iron in the blood of


2. She is an associate professor at Purdue University.

3. She may consume additional meat or take iron supplements.

4. Because they have a monthly bleeding.

5. Through a variety of mechanisms. For example, some iron is lost in sweat, and intense

endurance exercise is sometimes associated with the bleeding of the digestive system.

6. Three.

7. You are in trouble. Your iron reserves go to zero and you may feel weak, tired and out of


8. People are advised to have a yearly blood test to check blood iron reserves.

9. They are meat, chicken, fish, dates, beans, and some leafy green vegetables.

10. He should avoid drinking coffee or tea with meals.

《读写教程Ⅲ》: Ex. Ⅲ, p. 38

1. moderate

2. consume

3. typically

4. modified

5. evidence

6. restricted

7. calculate

8. remedy

《读写教程Ⅲ》: Ex. Ⅳ, p. 39

1. bounce back

2. summed up

3. up to

4. at risk

5. went to zero

6. goes up

7. out of peath

8. derived from

《读写教程Ⅲ》: Ex. V, p. 39

1. awareness

2. efficiency

3. interaction

4. confidence

6. anxiety

7. productivity

8. pressure

《读写教程Ⅲ》: Ex. Ⅵ, p. 40

1. appearance

2. utterances

3. attendance

4. hindrance

5. maintenance

6. resistance

7. performance

8. existence

9. occurrence

10. acceptance

《读写教程Ⅲ》: Ex. Ⅶ, p. 40

1. peace-loving

2. ice-cold

3. time-consuming

4. water-proof

5. waist-deep

6. care-free

《读写教程Ⅲ》: Ex. VIII, p. 41

1. Mr. Howe, my favorite professor, has received a Distinguished Teacher Award.

2. Yesterday I went fishing — something I hadn‘t done in years.

3. Some women are normally inactive, but then all of a sudden start a program of intense exercise

— an action that violates the laws of sports science.

4. Even a pief visit to Greece, a modern country with ancient civilization, gives you a deep sense

of the roots of our culture.

5. A people of inventors and discoverers, philosophers and soldiers, poets and craftsmen, the

ancient Chinese gave the world many of its most useful things.

《读写教程Ⅲ》: Ex. Ⅸ, p. 42

1. His homework done, his composition written, Larry decided to go and see the film.

2. The manager sat quietly in the office, (his) eyes closed, waiting for the telephone to ring.

3. The room was in a mess, empty bottles and beer cans (being) everywhere.

4. When I walked in, Grandpa was sitting at the kitchen table, the newspaper spread before him.

5. Diana stood motionless at the end of the ping board, tears streaming down her cheeks.

《读写教程Ⅲ》: Ex. Ⅹ, p. 42

1. Most people with low iron reserves don‘t know they have an iron deficiency.

2. It is not sufficient only to check levels of the blood protein that transports oxygen.

3. Men are not safe, especially those who eat little meat and have a high level of physical activity.

4. It‘s advisable for people in these groups to have a yearly blood test to check blood iron reserves.

5. Iron supplements may produce a feeling of wanting to throw up, and may be poisonous in some


6. The best sources of iron are meat, chicken, fish, dates, beans, and some leafy green vegetables.

7. The reason why people sometimes take iron supplements is that the supplements supplement

the small amount that naturally occurs in grains.

8. Cook tomato sauce in an iron pot for three hours, and its iron content increases strikingly.


Understanding the text


1 He achieved fame for his wit, wisdom, civic duty, and abundant courage.

2 They were thought to be slow learners in childhood, but they overcame their childhood difficulties and made magnificent discoveries that benefit the entire world today.

3 His strong will.

4 It means to keep their focus on achieving a positive end result, instead of letting small problems get in the way of good results.

5 Because they have the will to overcome profound obstacles and to work diligently in the pursuit of their goals, and have the passion for success.

6 Because firms preferred to hire less qualified men rather than risk hiring a female lawyer, which was unprecedented.

7 We should never give up on our dream, and one day we can change the world and make it a better place.

8 The secret of success is built upon a burning inward desire – a robust, fierce will and focus – that fuels the determination to act, to keep preparing, to keep going even when we are tired and fail.

Critical thinking


1 You may have tried and failed many times before you finally get success. But it does not matter. What matters is whether you can summon up (鼓起) all your courage again and again to face the hardships standing in the way of success.

2 Luck, talent, good relationships with your colleagues, etc.

3 ? When I have realized that I am pursuing something that is hard to achieve, I would try to stick to the goal. But I will begin to think of what I can do to improve the situation. When it still doesn’t work, I would try to analyze what the problem is and then make some changes and probably reset my goal.

? Yes, sometimes we are pursuing the wrong goal which can never be achieved, only to find ourselves in deep frustration and profound fatigue. In this situation, I may give up the wrong goal and set up another goal that is achievable.

4 ? Following the guidance of senior people.

? Getting sound advice from our parents.

? Setting a correct goal.

? Achieving success step by step.

? Developing good interpersonal relationships.

Language focus

Words in use


1 whereby2 pursuit 3 inhibit 4 maintain5 patriotic

6 transcended 7 endeavors 8 dedication 9 prestige 10 nominate

Word building


Words learnedNew words formed


inhabitant inhabit

participate participant


pollute pollutant

descend descendant

contest contestant

tolerate tolerant

result resultant


neglect neglectful

resource resourceful

boast boastful



1 resultant 2 tolerant3 pollutants4 inhabited5 contestants

6 descendants 7 attendants 8 respectful 9 participants 10 neglectful

11 resourceful12 boastful

Banked cloze


1 F2 G3 H 4 J 5 E 6 A 7 N8 I 9 K 10 M

Expressions in use


1 removed from2 failed in3 in the pursuit of4 deviated from 5 precludes; from 6 triumph over 7 work their way into8 written off

Structure analysis and writing

Structured writing


They say there’s no place like home. In my case, there isn’t much that is good about my apartment. My apartment has given me nothing but headaches. From the day I signed the lease, I’ve had to deal with an uncooperative landlord, an incompetent janitor, and inconsiderate neighbors.

First of all, my landlord has been uncooperative since the first day I moved to the apartment. He didn’t let me ping my fish into the apartment. He said that pets are not allowed even though it’s just a fish. Because of that, I must leave my fish at my parents’ house. He also forbids me from using water from 9 a.m. until 3 p.m. Because of that, I must wake up at 7 a.m. every day to take a bath. Of course I complained about this to him, but he said that is the apartment’s rule. Before I leased the apartment, he didn’t say that there are such rules in the apartment.

I’ve had problems not only with my landlord but also with an incompetent janitor. The janitor is a retired policeman. He tried to fix the pipe in the apartment, but he flooded the apartment instead.

He also poke my air conditioner when he tried to fix it. Because of that, my apartment becomes as hot as a desert every afternoon. Not only that, but he also poke my antique vase that cost me $100. Even worse, when he plugged his USB flash drive into my laptop to copy my songs, the viruses from his flash drive spread into my laptop. I had to reformat my laptop, and because of that, all of my important documents are gone.

Perhaps the worst trouble of all has been with the inconsiderate neighbors who live in the apartment above me. My neighbors are two university students. They have lived upstairs for about one year. They like to party, so I can’t sleep. This happened not only once, but every Saturday night. I tried to speak to them, but they suggested putting in ear plugs when I’m about to sleep. On top of it all, they always turn up the volume of their music to the maximum.

Sometimes, my apartment seems like a small, friendly oasis surrounded by hostile enemies. I never know what other trouble is going to come from next: the landlord, the janitor, or the neighbors. Home may be where the heart is, but my sanity is thinking about moving out.



世界公民是指一个人承认自己是新兴的全球社区的一分子,而且其行动对全球社区的价值打造和实践活动有所贡献。世界公民相信人类从本质上来说是一个整体,每个人都有改变事物的能力。在我们这样一个相互依赖的世界中,世界公民意识鼓励我们认识到对彼此的责任, 并从对方身上学习。世界公民关心全球的教育、疾病、贫穷和环境问题。在当今,全球合作的力量在使一些人萌发世界公民的意识,让他们拥有对全球社区的归属感。这种不断发展的世界公民意识在很大程度上来讲,要归功于现代信息、通信和交通技术的力量。世界公民意识致力于给予人们力量,让他们付诸行动。世界公民除了要从世界问题中学习知识和价值观,还要拥有必需的技能,使他们拥有能力和自信,积极推动世界的发展。

Section B

Reading skills

1 Connotation:

Reading comprehension

Understanding the text


1 C2 B 3 A 4 D 5 D 6 B 7 C 8 D

Critical thinking


1 Those who are well prepared are most likely to get success. Determination and preparation are two important components of the secret of success.

2 Family background can have both positive and negative effects upon one’s success. Many people believe that a wealthy family should have positive effects on one’s personal development, while a poor family is more likely to cause negative impacts on one’s success. However, sometimes things could be completely different. If born into a very wealthy family, you may lack the iron will to achieve success because everything is there for you and you are born to enjoy all these good fortunes. But if you are pought up in a poor family, you can only depend on yourself, which will strengthen your determination to pursue your dreams.

3 We should judge whether the goal is accessible or not. If the goal is not accessible, we may well give it up. If the goal is accessible and we have not tried our best yet, we should work harder.

Language focus

Words in use


1 indulged 2 propelling3 aggravated4 dazzled5 alleviating

6 renowned7 eloquent 8 destined 9 scorned10 applause

Expressions in use


1 up 2 in 3 on 4 up 5 to / for 6 on 7 as8 out

Sentence structure


1 He always prefers to start early rather than leave everything to the last minute.

2 She prefers to be the boss, to be in charge and to organize others rather than be organized by someone whom she may not even rate very highly.

3 My pother preferred to take the whole blame himself rather than allow it to fall on the innocent.

7 had dug their diamonds.

they were unable to find anything that was at all different from other well-known portions of China.



1 1) repeated2) overwhelming3) immense

2 1) heroic 2) sound 3) substantial

3 1) attained 2) fueled3) achieve


1 sudden opportunity

2 immense obstacles

3 amazing determination

4 profound difficulties

5 overwhelming failures

6 poverty-stricken

7 substantial hardships

8 repeated misfortunes

9 sheer persistence

10 dazzle ... audience

11 achieve fame

12 strong will

Unit project


? Help students gain deeper insights into the factors that contribute to success.

? Develop students’ ability to collect and summarize information from various sources. ? Improve students’ analytical skills and the ability to make a public speech.

Teaching tips

To engage students in the theme of the unit and to provide a good opportunity for students to learn about the truth of success, the teacher will assign the class the current unit project which is to be accomplished by groups consisting of four to five students each. To better conduct the project, the teacher needs to make sure each group finishes the steps exactly as required in the Student’s Book. The following tips are offered for reference.

1 Help each group determine a successful person for their exploration. It is preferable that each group talk about a person different from those of other groups.

2 Encourage members in each group to make joint efforts to collect information about the person they are interested in. They can focus on how he / she started to become successful in his / her professional field or industry; what difficulties he / she has encountered; how he / she overcame them; what achievements he / she has made; and what comments people have on him / her. They should take detailed notes to prepare for the discussion.

3 While the students are working in groups to share and discuss the information collected, tell them to give special attention to the exploration of why the person they are talking about has become successful and to the traits he / she possesses that are critical to his / her success.

4 After the discussion, ask each group to choose a representative who is expected to present a comprehensive report to the whole class. The report is supposed to summarize the common traits



Unit 1 section A


1 beneath 2 disguised 3 whistles 4 restrain 5 grasp

6 longing 7 praying 8 faithful9 pledge 10 drain11.merry

12.delivery13.terror 14.justice

IV1 tell ?on you 2 track down3 work it out

4 picking on me 5 reckoned with6 call on 7 on his own 8 get through9 in disguise10 revolves around


VI1 advise 2 level 3 problems 4 necessity 5 skills

6 experience7 solution 8 value9 tool 10 manner


1 air-conditioned(装空调的;有冷气的)

2 handmade(手工制作的)

3 thunderstruck(非常吃惊的)

4 heartfelt(衷心的;诚挚的)

5 data-based(基于数据的)

6 self-employed(自主经营的)

7 custom-built(定制的;定做的)

8 weather-beaten(饱经风霜的)

VIII 1. well-informed(对??非常熟悉的) 2 new-found(新获得的) 3 hard-earned(辛苦挣得的) 4 soft-spoken(说话温柔的)5 newly-married(新婚的)6 widely-held(普遍认为的)

7 well-meant(出于好意的) 8 well-educated(受过良好教育的) IX 1 no matter how different it may seem form any other substance 2 no matter what a woman tries to do to improve her situation 3 no matter what excuse he gives

4 no matter what anyone else may think

5 no matter how they rewrite history

X1 just as we gained fame in victory, we lost nothing in defeat

2 just as the head teacher plays a significant role in the school, Jane plays a significant role f leader in the classroom.

3 whoever was out there obviously couldn’t see him just as he couldn’t see them.

4 she has been searching all her life for the perfect chocolate just as I have been searching for the perfect beer.

5 you can make those kinds of comparisons just as you were doing the analyses a minute ago.

XI 1. No matter how experienced a speaker you are, and how well you have prepared your speech, you will have difficulty making a speech at such a noisy reception.

2. Just as all his sister’s friends cared about him, Jimmy cared about them.

3. Car manufacturers stamp a vehicle identification number at several places on new cars to help track down stolen vehicles.

4. If you dare tell on me when the teacher gets back I won’t say a word to you any more.

5. Some elderly people prefer to live on their own while the great majority choose to live with their children.

6. Here is something that needs to be reckoned with: how to get the necessary finances to establish the company.

XII 1. 每当有人帮了你,无论事情大小,无论他地位高低,你都应该对他说声“谢谢”。







1 B 2 A 3 C 4 A 5 D 6 A 7 D 8 D 9 C 10 B

11 B 12 B 13 A 14 C 15 D 16 C 17 A 18 C 19 D 20 A Section B Reading Skills

1“It was an autumn night in my native Nova Scotia. ”

2They were vacationing in (it) for the weekend.

3It took me years, though, to learn that the love in our family didn't just happen.

4First, love needs time. (Para. 3)

Love needs another, harder to find quality as well, the ability to let go. (Para. 7) Finally, love needs words to make it real. (Para. 11)

5 It can only be achieved through patience and understanding.


IIIhollowconsideraterivalelasticparallelinginspiremanipulate acknowledged soaring respective upright framework stretchedIV

1on2apart 3 with 4 along 5 on 6into7of

8between 9up10of

Further Reading 1 : N N Y Y N NG N

8.expose more to pight light

9. immune system

9.be happy with the purchase

Further Reading 2 : C A D D B B C

8. who you are

9. an over-muscled body

10. young men with the same problem

Unit 2


1 moderate 2 consume 3 advisable 4 modified 5 evidence 6 restricted 7 calculate 8 remedy 9 impact 10 sufficient

11.select 12.typically 13.interfering14.supplements


1 bounce back 2 summed up3 Up to4 at risk5 went to zero 6 goes up 7 interfere with8derived from 9 In general 10 take in 11threw up 12out of peath


VI1 cost 2 pollution 3 potential 4 quality 5 chance 6 crime 7 interest 8 efficiency 9 strength 10 creativity

VII 1 appearance2 utterance3 attendance4 hindrance 5 maintenance 6 resistance 7 performance8 existence

9. occurrence10. acceptance

VIII 1. world-famous2 ice-cold3 snow-white 4 waterproof5 waist-deep 6 carefree

IX 1 Mr. Howe, my favorite professor, has received a Distinguished Teacher Award.



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